Wednesday Writing Tip: In-Text Citations

Dear Master’s Programs students,
This point in the term is probably a good time to review in-text citations. (The byzantine rules for APA formatting and citations make regular reminders helpful, right?)

One quick tip for your in-text citations is that APA is often referred to as the “Author, date” system. This means that for every in-text citation, you must provide those two key pieces of information. There are at least three accepted ways to accomplish this: Continue reading Wednesday Writing Tip: In-Text Citations


Wednesday Writing Tip: The Colon

Dear Master’s Programs student,

Last time we looked at ways reading can strengthen writing; this week, we’ll discuss something a little more practical: the colon. We’re all accustomed to seeing colons on a digital clocks (I’m composing this at 8:15 a.m.). They’re also familiar to many people as a separation of chapter and verse in religious texts (think of John 3:16 hidden under your In-N-Out soda cup). And of course, the colon is much beloved for supplying the eyes to our emoticons. : ) Continue reading Wednesday Writing Tip: The Colon

Weekly Writing Tip: Reading

Dear Master’s Programs student,

This is James Hayashi, the Master’s Programs writing advisor. As a new feature, the MPO blog will now include a weekly writing tip to help support your success here at Rossier and in your professional life beyond.

This first tip isn’t actually about writing–not directly, anyway. It’s about writing’s twin sister, reading. Being an active and observant reader is a key step to becoming a stronger writer. Continue reading Weekly Writing Tip: Reading