Dear students,

In an effort to provide a more accessible and user-friendly job searching experience, the Master’s Programs Office has partnered with the Office of Admissions and Scholarships to create a more intuitive platform. We are happy to introduce our new Student Jobs Portal.

The Master’s Programs Office is striving every day to enhance to student experience, both professionally and academically. Through the Student Jobs Portal students will now be able search, more intentionally, for jobs related to their interests. For added convenience, students will also be able to favorite job postings to view at a later time. We encourage students to check the portal regularly if they are seeking an assistantship. Our Master’s Programs Office blog will now focus on offering students Fieldwork/Practicum opportunities among the several other resources currently available.

An account can be created with any e-mail domain and offers users more benefits. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or technical issues. If you or your office would like for an assistantship opportunity to be posted, like always, please e-mail a copy of the job description to the Master’s Programs Office at



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