The University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education Master’s Program Office (MPO) serves as a hub for academic and professional development and career advancement for graduate students in the Learning Design and Technology Program, Marriage and Family Therapy Program, Post-Secondary Administration and Student Affairs Program, and Educational Counseling Program within the Rossier School of Education. MPO and Rossier prides itself on preparing counselors, administrators, and educational leaders for an impactful career in education. Our office hosts many seminars throughout the year to help our students feel more equipped in the classroom and after graduation. MPO fosters many opportunities for students to acquire internships as well as professional careers within USC and elsewhere. It is our mission to ensure student success within Rossier’s Master’s Programs and to serve as a viable resource to our students during the duration of their program.




Helena Seli
WPH 304D | (213) 740-0507

I am excited about my new role as the Faculty Program Chair for the Master’s Programs! Together as the MPO team of Julienne, Marianna, Solomon, James and our student workers, we will work tirelessly to ensure that our programs prepare you to tackle the problems of practice you face in your field and advance Rossier’s mission in your communities of practice. I look forward to leading that charge.

As for myself, I have been with Rossier for 10 years as a clinical faculty member. My background is in educational psychology and since 2014, I have served as the faculty chair for Master’s in Learning Design and Technology. I have lived in the US for over 20 years but was born and raised in Estonia, part of the previous Soviet Union. Aside from my work with Rossier, I am in charge of ensuring that our three kids, ages 8-15 grow up as engaged and responsible citizens – and hopefully will become Trojans like you!

Please do not hesitate to stop by my office, 304D to say hello!

Fight on!


Julienne Jose-Chen
Associate Director
WPH 304E | (213)-821-3406

Hi Trojans! My name is Julienne Jose-Chen and I am the Associate Director for the Master’s Programs Office. I have been part of the Rossier family since 2007, first as a student in the PASA program (go Class of 2009!) and now as a staff member. My passion for student affairs started in my undergraduate career at UC Irvine (zot zot!), where I was involved in residential life, new student programming, and cross cultural programs and organizations. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in 2005, I went on to teach English in Japan before pursuing my graduate studies at USC.  Through the PASA program, I was provided many amazing opportunities. I’ve worked with on campus offices such as USC Orientation Programs and the USC Norman Topping Student Aid Fund, as well as institutions such as the Art Center College of Design and Santa Monica College. After graduating I worked full-time at UCLA and in 2010 I decided to return back to where it all started – USC Rossier School of Education.

In addition to my role at Rossier, I am continuing my professional development in many ways. I am involved with NASPA, which is one of the leading associations for student affairs professionals, and volunteer with LEAP, Inc. (Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc.). I am also a current student in the Educational Leadership doctoral program here at Rossier.

I am so glad and honored to work with different students who are changing the landscape of education and accomplishing great things in their fields. Please do not hesitate to contact myself or other staff members for assistance with any questions you may have during your programs. Fight on!

IMG_5215Solomon Matthews
Academic and Career Specialist
WPH 304F | (213) 740-2677

A native of New Orleans, Solomon Matthews earned his Bachelor of Social Work at Northwestern State University of Louisiana.  Most recently, Solomon graduated from Rossier with his Master of Education in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs. During his time as a student he served as President of The PASA Network as well as Vice-President of USC’s Black Graduate Student Network. He is thrilled to now have the opportunity to advise and provide career support to students in the PASA and EC programs. While enrolled as a student Solomon worked as the Graduate Assistant for USC’s Office of Orientation Programs, he trained over 60 of USC’s campus leaders to become Orientation Advisors, developed training curriculum and assessment, and generated assessment reports for all domestic and international orientation programs for students and guest. Solomon helped revamp the theatrical production used to engage orientation participants in discussion surrounding significant campus issues facing today’s students through re-writing popular song lyrics to incorporate USC messaging and student experiences.

As the Master’s Program’s new Academic and Career Specialist, Solomon is excited to continue offering his talents to the University and the Rossier School of Education.  Solomon is honored to have the opportunity to support Rossier and its students in their pursuit of excellence and effecting change in educational institutions across the globe.

IMG_5189Marianna Oganesyan
Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
WPH 304C | (213) 740-2362

My name is Marianna Oganesyan, and I am the new Academic Fieldwork Coordinator for the MFT and LDT programs. Like all of you my journey as an MFT began here at USC and I am so excited to be back at Rossier! I am currently in the final stage of obtaining licensure as an MFT and have worked in a variety of professional settings as a therapist (e.g. DMH contracted agency, LAUSD, charter schools). Prior to starting here at USC, I worked as an FCCS Mental Health Clinician at San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center for two years. My experiences as a therapist include working with children, adolescents, and parents while addressing issues related to: trauma/loss, anxiety, depression, disruptive behaviors, parenting, and etc. I have extensive experience with DMH paperwork and am trained/certified in the following EBPs: TF-CBT and MAP (Managing and Adapting Practice).

Therapy is definitely a passion of mine, however helping students achieve academic success is equally important to me. As an alumnus of USC’s MFT program I understand the various different challenges, difficulties, and questions you might have regarding the fieldwork process. Looking back at my own fieldwork experiences, I realize how important it is to have access to knowledgeable supervisors, professors, support staff, and advisors to achieve personal goals/success. As we move through the academic year, I hope to be able to guide you and be a resource for you as you navigate the fieldwork process. In the meantime, please stop by and introduce yourself. My office is located on the third floor of WPH room 304-C. I will be here on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I look forward to meeting and working with all of you soon!

IMG_5226James Hayashi
Writing Advisor
WPH 304G | (213)-740-2727

This is James Hayashi, the writing advisor for all Master’s Programs students (MFT, EC, PASA, School Counseling, and LDT).  As the veteran of MPO, I’ve been with the department—and Rossier—for nearly seven years.  Prior to working here as the writing advisor, I taught Writing 140, Freshman Composition, to undergrads at USC, where I earned my Master’s of Professional Writing degree.  (For those who are wondering, I completed my undergraduate work at the “other” university across town, in psychobiology and English.)  My other big professional adventure was teaching English Composition at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

When I’m not reviewing student papers, I enjoy reading (mostly creative non-fiction), gardening (mostly vegetables), and dogs (mostly my German shepherd puppy, Brooklyn).

Having completed an advanced degree here at USC, I understand the sacrifices students must make—but I’m also vary aware of the rewards as well.  For those students who feel a little overwhelmed (especially with writing), hang in there–and don’t be afraid to reach out!  I travel between my office in WPH and the suite downtown at the USC City Center, so the best way to see me is to make an appointment or to email me.  Please also feel free to browse our various writing resources when you have time!

Happy writing!


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