Who is Hugo Yepez?pasa-ec-pics-edited-31
I am a first generation gay-cis Latino student in my second year in the PASA program. I am currently the Vice President of PASA Network. I hold two assistantships, one as a graduate advisor at USC’s Undergraduate Student Government, and the other as a program coordinator dually at CSUF and Cypress College for the Allied Health Academy initiative for underrepresented students. In my spare time, I enjoy making use of my Disney Annual Pass, eating out, dancing, and researching resiliency in marginalized students.

Why did you choose the PASA program?
The PASA program and USC seemed to best fit my developmental and career goals. Because of this program I have been afforded various opportunities and experiences. I have been able to work in 5 different institution types, and be involved with research and committees on campus because of the tools the PASA program has equipped me with thus far.

What do you like most about the program?
The PASA program has solidified my interest in scholarship and research to aid in my efforts to serve marginalized students. The PASA program also has enhanced my understanding of issues of inclusion and diversity, higher education legal issues, and managerial styles. Overall, the predominant aspect of the program that I love most is the authentic connections that I have made with my cohort and faculty. These connections have taught me more about myself than I could ever imagine, and that is all thanks to my cohort and faculty.

What are some words of advice to incoming students?
My advice is not exhaustive, but it has enabled me to grow and develop professional and personally:
– Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.
– Take the time to LISTEN. Really listen to those around you: cohort, faculty, staff, professional staff, students, etc.
– Be authentic and stay true to your narrative.
– Create and form connections with individuals that cross paths with you on this journey.
– Practice self-care (toughest thing to accomplish).
– Have fun with all these new experiences (probably the most important).


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