There is still time to submit a proposal for the 2017 NACADA International Conference to be held in Sheffield, the United Kingdom, on July 10-13, 2017

.  This event will be hosted by the University of Sheffield.  The theme is The Future of Academic Advising: Connecting and Consolidating Students’ Experiences and Education.  Access the Call for Proposals webpage for details!  We encourage you to submit your proposal to present at this exciting event!

Proposals should be submitted by the January 13, 2017 deadline.   Submit here.

Join us for an opportunity to share scholarly research that clarifies best practices as well as strategies and programs that engage students in advising and personal tutoring.  Connect with leading practitioners in the field of academic advising as we search for ways to empower our students.  NACADA and the University of Sheffield are excited to join together to provide this opportunity for practitioners, administrators, researchers and others in the field of academic advising so that they are able to best support students; helping them piece together their educational experience and empowering them to succeed.

Topics for presentations and discussion include:

  • Academic Skills Development
  • Advising & Career Planning
  • Advising Administration
  • Benchmarking/Impact/Evaluation
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • International Student Advising
  • Organizational Advising & Policies
  • Peer Advising/Mentoring
  • Prospective Students & the First-year Experience
  • Social Inclusion/Diverse Populations
  • Student Development Theory & Research
  • Student Persistence & Retention
  • Technology & Innovation

Presenters and Attendees
This conference is designed to attract the following:

  • Academic advisors, personal tutors, student advisors
  • Academic staff or faculty advisors
  • Study, learning or careers advisors
  • Student support and student services advisors
  • Researchers, administrators or managers
  • Students engaged in research or practice of peer support

We hope that you will submit a proposal and join us as we continue to advance our global outreach in enhancing the field of advising and student success.  Continue to visit the conference website for information.

NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising
2323 Anderson Avenue, Suite 225
Manhattan, KS  66052
T:   785/532-5717
F:   785/532-7732

Submit a proposal here:


A well-written proposal and abstract will enhance your application. Check for spelling errors before submitting!

It is critical that the title and abstract reflect the content of your proposed session. Attendees depend on the abstract printed in the conference program to determine which sessions to attend.

Poor evaluation scores often result when the printed abstract bears little relation to the actual presentation. This is the most often mentioned criticism on the individual evaluations.

Deadline to submit : January 13, 2017. Please do not wait until the last day when the server could be busy, making it difficult to submit your proposal. Late proposals will not be accepted.


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