Who is Jennifer Ray?
Jennifer Ray is a second year graduate student in the Educational Counseling Program. She completed her undergraduate degree in Sociology at California State University, Fullerton in 2015. She works as a counselor in the Disability Services & Programs Office at USC and also with the Orange County Teacher Pathway Grant via CSU Fullerton.


Why did you choose the Educational Counseling Program?
I chose the Educational Counseling program because the program components aligned with my goals to assist high school and college students through advising, counseling, and other student affairs services to help them excel academically.

What do you like most about the program?
What I like most about the program is the diverse pool of faculty and staff. I enjoyed having professors who came from different disciplines of the education field. This option has given me the opportunity to learn more about services on USC’s campus, as well as services in the local community. Additionally, the staff in the Masters Program Office have been great when it came to answering questions regarding our classes or finding fieldwork placement.

What are some words of advice to incoming students?
I would advise incoming students to pace themselves throughout each semester. It’s important to move at a pace that allows for understanding and comprehension to occur. Time management is a MUST. Graduate school takes a lot of time out of your schedule, so it’s imperative that you keep yourself disciplined and manage your time well. Finally, self-care is crucial! It’s always good to take a break, regroup, and pick up where you left off.


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