Purpose: The purpose of this task force is to address what we as educators and individuals can do within USC Rossier and the classrooms around the topic of equity, diversity, opportunity and access as we continue to prepare and train the next generation of researchers, practitioners and teachers. Like the University, Rossier is committed to promoting these principles with regard to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity and orientation, differential ability, religion, international constituents, veteran status and other under‐represented groups.

The work of this task force will not duplicate the efforts of the Faculty Council’s Equity and Inclusion Committee. Rather, this task force will complement the work of the committee. In addition to faculty, the task force will also include staff and students to reflect the interests of the entire School.

Charge: Oversee the development of a formal 5‐year Equity, Diversity, Opportunity and Access (EDO&A) Plan that will be submitted to the Dean for final approval and agreed to by the office of the Provost. First draft is due in November. Below are examples of what this Task Force’s responsibilities may include:
– Collect and disseminate data necessary for achievement of the charge
– Help create communications strategy that highlights the work being done in the school related to EDO&A
– Help create annual update to dean and for public distribution

Membership: This is a newly created Task Force (AY16‐17) reporting to Dean Karen Symms Gallagher and will include seven members: a faculty chair, two faculty members, two staff members and two students. Dr. Darline Robles, who is Rossier’s Diversity Liaison to Provost Michael Quick’s University‐wide Diversity Committee, will be chair.

Membership Criteria: The charge of this task force is very robust. Your commitment will be critical. The expectation of committee members will require participation in meetings and the ability to follow through on actions are essential to the task force’s success.
– Faculty: Open to all full‐time faculty, both onsite and offsite. All ranks welcome. A minimum of one‐year experience with Rossier is required.
– Staff: Open to all staff, exempt and non‐exempt. A minimum of one‐year experience with Rossier is required. Staff must gain approval from any respective supervisor before applying.
– Students: Open to all Rossier students, including those serving in leadership positions for various student organizations. Students must gain permission of their advisors before applying.
Anyone holding an appointment/position on Executive Council is not eligible to apply.

Nominations: A call for membership is now open for self‐nominations. A written statement – no more than three pages outlining a proven record of actionable work and a demonstrated ability to move projects and activities from inception to a successful resolution – is required. Please describe how your contributions would benefit the overall School and the charge of the Diversity Task Force and how you intend to execute this work. Please submit your nomination by email to rossier.dean@usc.edu.
This call for nominations will close on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 by 6:00 p.m.

Selection Process: This is a no‐vote selection process. Members will be selected by Dean Gallagher and Dr. Robles.


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