“I really enjoyed the fact that the drive-in was tailored to the job searching process and small enough not to feel overwhelming.”

Job searching and graduation go hand in hand for many graduating second year students during their spring semester. Along with still taking classes, and working at your assistantship, the job searching process can become time consuming and emotionally draining. When the opportunity arose to attend the 2016 NASPA Region VI, Rise Above: Navigating the Job Search Process, I was excited to be able to attend to kick start my job searching process.

Although every session I attended was helpful, the two that stood out the most were, Learning How to Negotiate and the opportunity to have a mock interview and your resume reviewed. Going into the job search, it is easy to feel pressured to accept the first job that has been offered because you see everyone else transitioning into full time jobs, and you never know if you will receive another job offer. However, this session reminded me to know what I bring to the table and to do my research in terms of financial budget. Before this session, I never thought about researching what type of salary I would need to be able to survive. The job searching process is not only about getting a job offer, but also knowing what you want to get out of the job, financially, personally, and professionally. My second favorite session was having my resume reviewed and participating in the mock interview. I received really great feedback and I felt that the mock interview gave me an idea of what kind of questions to expect and how to prepare for them.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at the conference and getting to network with my peers from different institutions that are going through the same process. I really enjoyed the fact that the drive-in was tailored to the job searching process and small enough to not feel overwhelming. I look forward to attending more professional conferences to continue to network, and grow as a professional in the field.


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