Graduate Student Internship/Fieldwork opportunity

Graduate Student Internship/Fieldwork opportunity

Location: USC Dornsife Career Pathways – GFS 308

Commitment: Jan. 9 – May 10, 2017 (Flexible dates)

Internship/Fieldwork units: 70-140 hrs. (1-2 units)

# of positions: 1


Career Pathways works to align students’ academic interests with individual career and professional pathways through exploration and engagement in curricular and co-curricular opportunities.  Career Pathways works in collaboration with academic advisors, career counselors, Faculty, and alumni to provide a network of resources to address students’ professional aspirations.


Career Pathways is looking for Post-Secondary Administration and Student Affairs (PASA), Educational Counseling (ECO), or Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) student interested academic advisement and career counseling work.  The Graduate/Field-work intern will work in collaboration with the Director and Students Services Assistant to deliver and promote career programming events and opportunities.  Primary responsibilities include communication and career panel programming:


  • The creation of advertisements and copy to promote career programming, events, and services
  • Print and social media marketing
  • Support and coordination of 5-7 alumni career panels

The fieldwork student will have the opportunity to facilitate or co-facilitate career programs.


Application: Interested students should forward their résumé to Octavio Avila at

Priority deadline Monday, November 7,  2016.

Wednesday Writing Tip: “Clutter” (Pt 1)

Dear Master’s student,

I’m sure you’ve never encountered a rambling faculty member among your Master’s Programs instructors.  But you may know that such people do exist (from acquaintances in other graduate schools, or even from your own undergrad experience).  And you’ve probably heard that students usually find this type of professor tedious or even “boring.”

Guess what.  Students aren’t the only ones who dread long-windedness.  Professors have equal aversion to garrulous students!  When you’ve rambled on for 18 pages (front and back!), your instructor’s eyes glaze over, and it becomes difficult for her to concentrate on the content of your essay.  Eliminating (or at least minimizing) wordiness from your papers will increase their cogency and ensure that your observations and ideas can shine without being eclipsed by turgid prose. Continue reading Wednesday Writing Tip: “Clutter” (Pt 1)

Writing Tip Wednesday: Email Signoffs

Dear Master’s student,

If you’re a regular reader of the weekly writing tips—and I hope you are—you may have noticed my attachment to a particular signoff, “Happy writing!”  Well, an article from the Atlantic on email signoffs got me thinking about what (if anything) email signatures say about writers and about language use in general.

The Atlantic piece, by Jessica Bennett and Rachel Simmons, focuses on the emergence of XO (and its varients, XXOO, XOXO, etc) in workplace correspondence.  While the writers acknowledge that Xing and Oing is an almost exclusively female practice, it is not confined to tweens jamming to the Biebs and Taylor Swift on their Beats by Dre headphones.  According to the Atlantic, these virtual hugs and kisses have been adopted as the signoff for successful women from Diane Sawyer and Arianna Huffington.  email-signoffs
Continue reading Writing Tip Wednesday: Email Signoffs

Seeking volunteers for Challenge Day

Hello USC SOE!

We are currently seeking volunteer facilitators for this year’s Challenge Day open to all 7th and a limited amount of 8th graders. If you are not familiar with Challenge Day, please click here: http://www.

You can also check out videos done about ESMS by clicking this link and scrolling down to El Segundo Middle School: http://www.

If you would like to volunteer, please email me back and  indicate the following: Your date/dates preference/s – Tues, Nov. 29, Wed. Nov. 30, Thurs. Dec. 1 – must be present 7:45am – 3:15pm (we need you here the entire day), your unisex t-shirt size, and TB clearance


Lori Klein-Del Rosario

El Segundo Middle School Counselor

332 Center Street

El Segundo, CA 90245

(310) 615-2690 ext 4

FAX (310) 640-9634<>



Dear Master’s Programs Student,

It’s here at last: the final part of our Confused Words series.  I hope this has been a practical set of writing tips for everyone.  If you have any suggestions for future writing tip ideas (whatever area of writing about which you’d like to know more), please email me at

Than vs. Then2
Than (conj): (used to compare one thing to another)
Then (adv): at that time; following that (in time)

E.g.  Barkley likes bones more than he likes cats.
E.g. Barkley buried his bone, and then he went to chase a cat.

Discreet vs. Discrete
Discreet (adj): showing good judgment (esp. in keeping confidential information)
Discrete (adj): separate, distinct Continue reading WRITING TIP WEDNESDAY: CONFUSED WORDS (PT. 4)


Dear Master’s Programs student,

Hopefully you’ve found our commonly-confused-words series an effective (not affective) way to improve your writing.  Please enjoy our fourth—and penultimate—blog entry on this topic!

Disinterested vs. Uninterested

Disinterested (adj): unbiased, impartial

Uninterested (adj):  bored, unengaged

E.g.  Dina Lohan was dismissed from the jury pool for Lindsay’s DUI case; as the mother of the defendant, Dina could hardly have been disinterested. Continue reading WRITING TIP WEDNESDAY: CONFUSED WORDS (PT. 3)